A folding fan(扇子)

Staff and students of AMKY are writing about Japanese culture or something so Japanese from their own perspectives-スタッフと生徒が英語で紹介する「身近な日本文化」です!

A folding fan(扇子)

When summer comes every year, I add one item in my purse before going out. That item is a folding fan.

Folding fans are traditional. Originally they were made of paper on a bamboo frame. And a large variety of designs and patterns are painted on the paper.

They have been used since early Heian-period (about794) in Japan. Only noble class and shinto priests used them in the beginning, then it became popular among ordinary people at Edo-period (1603-1867). Since then they have been used for a variety of purposes.

I use them just to cool myself on hot summer days.

One of my favorites is the one that has modern colorful stripes. The frame has a nice scent of incense.

Whenever I take my folding fan out of my purse I remember the beauty of Japanese culture which I usually forget in my daily modern life.







Aki Sawaguchi.

Editor: Stuart Cauley.
Chigako Cauley.