Komagatado Hall stands on the sacred site where Sensoji Temple originated.

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Do you know about Japanese temples? Komagatado Hall stands on the sacred site where Sensoji Temple originated. At 4T-AMKY, Teachers and Students write about Japanese culture, food, history, many spots to visit, and other stuff. Enjoy reading and knowing about deeper Japanese culture!

Komagatado Hall

One of the Sensoji Temple complexes

Komagatado Hall is located at the foot of Komagata Bridge over Sumida River which flows through Tokyo.

It is said that the hall was built in 628 (March 18, 36th year of Emperor Suiko) on the site where brothers Hinokuma Hamanari and Takenari found a Buddha statue caught in a net while fishing in Edoura (present Sumida River) and brought it ashore.

That Buddha statue is the principal image of Sensoji Temple, the Bodhisattva Sho-Kanzeon. It is said that in 942, when TAIRA no Kinmasa rebuilt the temple complex of Kinryuzan Sensoji Temple, which had been devastated by the TAIRA no Masakado’s War, he built Komagatado Hall together with the temple.

The principal image of Komagatado Hall is Bodhisattva Bato Kannon, the Goddess of Mercy who saves all living things. In the Edo era (1603-1867), there was a landing place just in front of Komagatado Hall, and people who landed there worshipped the principal image of Komagatado Hall first before visiting Sensoji Temple.

The hall was originally built facing the river, but was rebuilt several times to face south. It was rebuilt in the same form each time it was repeatedly destroyed by fire, and the current hall was built in 2003 (Heisei 15).

A “Kaisatsuhi” (monument to the precepts of killing) stands in the precincts of the temple. It is a tangible cultural property designated by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. During the reign of Tsunayoshi Tokugawa, the fifth Shogun known for his decree of mercy for all living creatures, a decree was issued that the sacred place where the principal image of Sensoji Temple appeared was forbidden to kill fish and birds.

"Kaisatsuhi" (monument to the precepts of killing)
“Kaisatsuhi” (monument to the precepts of killing)

Komagatado Hall is a beautiful vermilion-lacquered hall. The precincts of Komagatado Hall are open to the public as Komagata Park. In spring, the dark pink double-flowered cherry blossoms were very beautiful. Whenever I went to Asakusa, I would pass through the Kaminarimon gate, enjoy Nakamise street, and visit Sensoji temple. However, from now on, I will follow the old custom and visit Komagatado Hall first before heading to Sensoji Temple.

Yaezakura cherry blossoms and Komagatodo
Yaezakura cherry blossoms and Komagatado