Anmitsu (Japanese sweets/ dessert)(あんみつ)

The other day, by chance, I found a really great store to buy Anmitsu. The name of the store is Murata, which is near Ikegami plum garden in Ota ward, Tokyo.

Anmitsu is one type of Japanese sweets.

The following 5 ingredients are typically served together in a bowl, and Kuromitsu (sweet black syrup) is poured over the bowl when it is eaten.

1. Small cubes of Kanten, or agar, which is a jelly-like substance obtained from red seaweed.
2. Boiled red peas.
3. Sweet red bean paste called Anko.
4. Gyuhi: a kind of rice cake made by kneading.
5. Fruits such as Japanese orange, cherry, etc.

The kanten of Murata store is made from only fresh agar not dried agar. So it has a very soft and smooth texture. You can enjoy the authentic fresh agar taste.



1. さいの目に切った寒天。寒天は、天草と呼ばれる赤い海藻(紅藻)から作られるゼリー状のもの。
2. ゆでた豆
3. あんこ
4. ぎゅうひ
5. みかんやサクランボなどの果物