Japanese and Sakura (cherry) blossoms.(日本人と桜の花)

Japanese people like Sakura blossoms.

When spring comes we go to see the Sakura blossoms.

Sakura blossoms are used in a variety of foods, such as steamed bread, rice cakes, green tea, and desserts.  

There are also a lot of Sakura-petal shaped goods, such as chopstick rests, dishes and cards.

We have made a lot of words using sakura or hana(flower), too. The following words are examples and are explained in more detail at the end of this post: hana-ikada (Floral rafts ), hana-akari(flower light ), hana-bie(flower coldness), Sakura-nagasi (spring rain that scatters the cherry blossoms), and Sakura-bito(cherry blossom viewer).

Why do Japanese like sakura blossoms so much?

When the cold winter changes to warm spring, cherry blossoms rapidly and vigorously bloom and then fall. We feel life force from such cherry blossoms.

Meanings of words with Sakura or hana are as below.

Hana-ikada : Floral rafts ; flower petals fallen on water, resembling a raft.

Hana-akari: Flower light; the brilliance of cherry blossoms which illuminate the evening.

Hana-bie: Flower coldness; a return of chilly weather during the cherry blossom season.

Sakura-nagashi : Spring rain that scatters the cherry blossoms.

Sakura-bito: Sakura-person; cherry blossom viewer.







寒い冬から暖かい春へと変わるとき、桜の花はすごい勢いで花が咲き、散っていく。 私たちはその花に生命力を感じる。

Hiromi. N.