Japanese Food|Beautiful Japanese culture!| It is time for Shinmai (newly harvested rice).


Do you know about Japanese Food? Newly harvested rice called Shinmai in Japanese is super delicious this time of year. At 4T-AMKY, Teachers and Students write about Japanese culture, food, history, many spots to visit, and other stuff. Enjoy reading and knowing about deeper Japanese culture!

Cooked rice is so delicious.

It is time for shinmai (newly harvested rice)!

The hot summer has passed. It is September already. Now it is time for newly harvested rice called shinmai in Japanese and fall fruits and vegetables. I am so excited about them.

Especially, cooked newly harvested rice is so delicious. I enjoy three meals of rice this time of year. It is wonderful with any side dishes.

For example, rice with umeboshi (salt pickled plums).

Rice with a cup of miso soup, a Mezashi (grilled soft-dried anchovy), and three slices of takuwan (pickled daikon radish.)

I am sure many Japanese would be happy to have such meals.

In particular, if you would like to savor the taste of fall, you can cook rice with chestnuts,

rice with several kinds of mushrooms such as maitake mashrooms, eryngi mashrooms and shimeji mashrooms,

rice with Matsutake mushrooms,

It is said that matsutake is the king of all mushrooms in Japan. It has the best taste and fragrance among mushrooms.

or rice with gingko nuts.

Yes! Rice is really delicious this time of year.





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Editor: Stuart Cauley