Serialization about Okazaki Park-01 Tatsuki Shrine (岡崎公園シリーズ-01 龍城神社)

Tatsuki Shrine is just next to Okazaki-jo Castle in Okazaki Park in Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture.

According to the shrine’s biography, there is the following legend of a rising dragon.

It is said that when Yoritsugu Saigou, who was Mikawa no kuni shugodai (provincial governor of Mikawa Province (Aichi Prefecture) ), built a castle around 1455, a dragon god appeared, spewed water from the castle’s well, and left for heaven. Since then, it has been said that the dragon god was enshrined in the castle tower, and the castle was called Tatsugashiro (literally meaning a castle of a dragon) and the well was called Tatsu no I (literally meaning a well of a dragon). About 100 years later, 1542, it is said that also when a baby boy was born in Okazaki-jo Castle, black clouds swirled over the castle, calling the wind and a golden dragon appeared. The baby boy was Ieyasu Tokugawa, who would later become the first Seii Taishogun in the Edo era.

The deities of Tatsuki shrine are Ieyasu Tokugawa and Tadakatsu Honda, the bravest general in retainers of the Tokugawa clan. In 1876, Toshogu Shrine, whose deity is Ieyasu Tokugawa and was located in the sannomaru (the third compound of the castle), was moved to the honmaru (the main compound of the castle), and Eisei Shrine, whose deity is Tadakatsu Honda, was enshrined together there, becoming Tatsuki Shrine. This is counted as one of the Toshogu shrines.

As the legend of the rising dragon is preserved in the shrine’s history, the shrine is popular as a power spot for praying for success in life, safe childbirth, protection from bad luck, and good fortune. And shinto wedding ceremonies can be held at Tatsuki shrine. It is said that weddings with a solemn atmosphere at a venerable shrine are very popular.




龍城神社の御祭神は、徳川家康公と家臣随一の猛将・本多忠勝公です。明治9年(1876年)に、 岡崎城三の丸にあった、家康公を祭神とする東照宮を岡崎城本丸に遷座し、忠勝公を祭神とする映世神社を合祀し、龍城神社となったそうです。東照宮の1つに数えられている神社です。