How to eat “Hitsumabushi” (「ひつまぶし」の食べ方)

An eel dish called “hitsumabushi” was invented in Nagoya City in the Meiji period. The restaurant that originally began serving this dish is said to be “Atsuta Horaiken” in Atsuta Ward.

When I visited Nagoya I went to a restaurant near Nagoya station, as I wanted to eat hitsumabushi, a specialty of Nagoya. Hitsumabushi is a tasty dish of finely chopped broiled eel over 3 bowls of rice in a small wooden tub. The person at the restaurant explained how to eat as follows.

At first divide it into 3 equal parts.

Eat the first cup as it is simply.

Eat the second cup adding as much seaweed, Japanese horseradish and scallions as you like.

Eat the third cup pouring dashi (soup stock) over it.

Some people divide it into 4 equal parts at first and eat the fourth cup with the most favorite way of the three to eat.

So I divided it into 4 equal parts and enjoyed the three ways and ate the fourth cup pouring dashi over it. It was so good. I enjoyed hitsumabushi very much.

However, the amount of 3 bowls of rice is pretty large. As I ordered a set menu of hitsumabushi, it came with an unagi maki (eel rolled in an omelet), a small bowl with a side dish, and a cup of Kimosui (a clear soup with eel guts). So it was so hard for me to eat everything. I highly recommend you go to eat hitsumabushi on an empty stomach.